Odessa Sturgeon Complex

Odessa Sturgeon Complex (Odessa, UA)

Odessa Sturgeon Complex is Ukraine's most comprehensive sturgeon breeding and caviar production facility. Cited in the protected waters of the Danube River Biosphere, OSC preserves heritage strains of Black Sea sturgeon to recreate the classic taste of caviar.    

Sterlet (Acipenser Ruthenus): Clean, creamy flavor; gentle maritime finish. This caviar is an excellent value that brings real sturgeon flavor and quality at a price typically associated with paddlefish or hackleback. 

Siberian (Acipenser Baerii): Luxe and buttery with chef-friendly consistency and versatility. OSC Siberian is one of our best sellers year-round!

Osetra (Acipenser Gueldenstaedii): Classic Ukrainian caviar at it's finest. A clean, nutty foundation with a complex, oceanic finish. Excellent for holidays, special occasions, or fine caviar services.